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Agro Engineering

The Agricultural industrial park will focus on large scale planting throughhydroponics- vertical farming system and large scale mechanized farmingsystem. The main vegetables produce shall be Cassava, Okra and maizeand the proposed IGI Agricultural Industrial Park initiatives shall be as ameans to drive rural industrialization and job creation in Guyana and theCaribbean. The park is expected […]
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Building & Architectural Services

Our company’s structure offers clients our industry expertise in renovation, interior design, construction and architectural services. The seamless integration of IGI Projects divisions allows us to complete the most complex of projects with complete accountability, directly all facets of a project with responsive proficiency. Over the past two decade we have established a reputation for […]
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Civil & Environmental Engineering

The consultation services offered by the company includes design and processing of grading,street, sewer, storm drain, highways, water, and utility improvement plans; land planningdesign and all processing functions as related to tract maps, parcel maps, lot line adjustments,zone changes, conditional use permits and variances; and all field surveys for architectural,topographic, boundary. Legal description, construction control, […]
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Water and Sewerage

IGI is one of the leading contractors in the UK and Ireland in this sector having completed alarge number of high profile water and sewage contracts for majority of local authorities inNorth Ireland, Ireland, Europe. These projects include complete sewerage schemes, stormwater management structures, flood relief schemes and potable water pipeline contracts.Carlow Town Surface Water […]
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